Tusker® is a brand and registered trademark of Elephant Lifting Equipment (Pty) Ltd. The brand covers a wide range of products from crane componentry, electric hoists, chain blocks, lever hoists, shackles, rigging accessories, slings and plate clamps, to customised fabricated lifting grabs, beams and attachments.

Probst is a German developer and manufacturer of advanced lifting attachments for pre form concrete products.

Terrier is a premium Dutch manufacturer of heavy duty plate and section lifting clamps.

Elephant Chain Block Co. is a premium Japanese manufacturer of heavy duty electric and manual chain hoists as well as lever hoists. Elephant Lifting Equipment (Pty) Ltd is the sole distributor for these products in Sub Saharan Africa.

Max-Alloy Yoke is a premium brand of chain slings and components, available in Grade 80 and Grade 100. The chain and components all carry the Berufsgenossenschaft “H” mark, the ultimate stamp of quality.

WireCo World Group is a global enterprise, and the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance steel wire and synthetic fibre ropes.