Mission Statement  

As lifting and pulling are inherently hazardous tasks, rated safety critical, we therefore undertake:

  1. To supply equipment which meets or exceeds verifiable international design, manufacturing and safety standards of the specific country's legal requirements.

  2. To meet and exceed our customer's service expectations and to timeously and honestly inform them should we not be able to do so.

  3. To recognise and respect our customer's right of choice (equipment and supplier) but insist on fair and equitable treatment and recognition for services rendered.

  4. To actively engage our customers in exploring ways to build and enhance mutually beneficial "partnerships" and lasting relationships based on trust, reliability and security.

  5. To vigorously protect our good name and standing in the market place through innovation, active involvement with and service support to our customers.

  6. To continually develop the skill base of all our employees, foster respect at all levels of the organisation and recognise each individual's worth and rights.


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Attachments and Cranes

The latest installation in Cranes.

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