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World Class Lifting Equipment

Elephant Lifting Equipment has a proud record as a specialist supplier of lifting equipment, representing the world’s foremost brands and manufacturers. With our in-house industrial and electrical engineering expertise, all special lifting systems and attachments are designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned under one roof. All of our equipment is manufactured to international engineering standards and is supplied with certificates of test and conformance.

Products And Services

  • E.O.T. and JIB cranes
  • Monorails
  • Electric chain hoists
  • Chain and lever blocks
  • Winches and wire rope pulling machines
  • Lifting and spreader beams
  • Mechanical grabs and clamps
  • Slings: chain, polyester, steel wire rope
  • Crane and standard steel wire rope
  • Shackles and rigging accessories
  • Goods lifts
  • Service and repairs
  • Proof load testing and certification
  • Training and safety seminars

Industries Served

Company Profile

Nature of Our Business

The business was established in 1982, and we have firmly established ourselves as specialist designers and suppliers of a fully-integrated range of lifting and pulling equipment. We also provide full service back up, testing and certification to meet South African and International statutory requirements and best practice.

We have an international footprint and operate in a number of countries. View map

Company History

Elephant Lifting Equipment opened doors in June 1982 in Pretoria, as a small enterprise trading in engineered goods, and we’ve grown into one of the largest and most technically-able suppliers, designers and manufacturers of lifting equipment in southern Africa today.

Over three decades of continuous growth, underpinned by innovation and an engineered approach to lifting safety, we are the most highly-respected lifting equipment supplier throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

Our Business is staffed by a large component of long-serving employees and is highly valued by local and international suppliers for our loyalty and professional representation. We serve a prestigious customer base in the Extractive and Metallurgical-, Construction-, Infrastructure-, Energy-industries (power generation, oil and gas), as well as Project E.P.C.M.

Our Business’s financial strength, coupled with our in-house engineering expertise and on-site manufacturing skills, allow us to carry substantial stockholdings of both locally and internationally manufactured products, as well as to design and fabricate special attachments and bespoke cranes per order, thus enabling us to fulfil the needs of our customers in a very professional, niche and timely manner.

We are a Business of innovators and innovation is driven by a team of mechanical and industrial engineers, supported by state-of-the-art design programmes with integrated manufacturing equipment and highly experienced personnel who operate in a modern and spacious production facility. Elephant Lifting Equipment’s mission statement, along with our continuous drive to exceed our customers’ expectations, defines our guiding principles of operation.

Mission Statement

As lifting and pulling are inherently hazardous tasks, rated “safety-critical”, we undertake

to supply equipment which meets and/ or exceeds verifiable international design, manufacturing and safety standards of the specific country’s legal requirements.

We commit:

  • To meet and exceed our customers’ service expectations and to timeously and honestly inform them should we not be able to do so.
  • To recognise and respect our customers’ right of choice (equipment and supplier) but insist on fair and equitable treatment and recognition for services rendered.
  • To actively engage our customers in exploring ways to build and enhance mutually beneficial partnerships and lasting relationships based on trust, reliability, innovation and security.
  • To vigorously protect our good name and standing in the market place through innovation, active involvement with, and service support to our customers.
  • To continually develop the skills base of all our employees, to foster respect at all levels of the organisation and recognise each individual’s worth and rights.
Market Segments

Mining & Mineral Processing

EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)

Pipelines: Gas, Fuels, Water

Construction: Civil & Building

Offshore: Oil & Gas


Energy: Generation & Distribution

Manufacturing & Automotive

Forestry & Agriculture

Ports & Harbors

Theatre Systems


Managing Director: Gideon Knoetze

Commercial Manager: Kathleen Smillie

Sales Manager: Pieter Schoeman