Black Snake™ now in SA

Elephant Lifting Equipment (ELE), part of Torre Industries are currently Africa’s sole distributor of global recovery and towing brand – Black Snake™.

Recently introduced to the African market, this highly regarded Australian brand has successfully carved a unique niche in the mining, construction and military industries for over 16 years and is well suited to our tough African conditions.

With more than 150 different products available and in excess of 30,000 units supplied to various markets worldwide, the Black Snake Kevlar® and Nylon ranges have proven themselves to be hardworking, durable and efficient.

The Black Snake™ premier range features Kevlar® recovery strops
These strops are capable of towing and recovering vehicles up to 400t.  One of the features of the recovery strop is its ultra-high strength to weight ratio and flexibility for easy use in awkward spaces.  There is also the benefit of low stretch and recoil during recovery or towing as well as a choice of various shaped eyelets to fit standard connections. Black Snake™ also offers short Kevlar® underground mining specialty products and specially designed military strops.

• Light Duty Kevlar Y Strops
• Heavy Duty Kevlar Y Strops
• Kevlar Short Strops
• Kevlar Recovery Strops
• Thimble Eye Dimensions
• Round Eye Dimensions
• Bulldozer ‘B’ Fittings
• Kevlar Body-Up Safety Strops

The Nylon range
Suits kinetic recovery and towing of small to medium sized vehicles – ideal for the recovery of commercial and agricultural vehicles.  The nylon fibres are encased in an abrasion and cut resistant rubber coating protecting them from the elements and keeping out oil, water, mud and dust that over time break down the load bearing fibres. This design makes the Black Snake™ far more durable than fibre ropes, synthetic webbing or round slings.

• 4WD Nylon Recovery Strops
• Heavy Duty Nylon Recovery Strops
• Nylon Thimble Eyes

Continued innovation
Following 3 years of development, 2018 marked the launch of the Black Snake™ Y Strop in a range of strengths and sizes for towing skid-mounted equipment.  Its robust, weather-resistant design allows for permanent attachment to heavy equipment such as de-watering pumps, power generation sets and other commonly skid-mounted gear.  Typically, the Black Snake™ Y strops and Bulldozer Y strops are expected to be used around mining and underground operations.

Black Snake™ products are safe to use in hazardous conditions and are strong, lightweight, easy to handle, practical and durable.  They also have individual serial numbers on each product for traceability, which shows just how much value is given to this exceptionally innovative product on-site.

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