Black Snake Kevlar® Recovery Strop

  • Ultra-high strength to weight ratio, flexibility for easy use and handling
  • Low elongation (4%) and low recoil properties from the KEVLAR® fibers and thick rubber cover during recovery provide a safe energy damping feature in case of over-loading the strop
  • Abrasion/cut resistant rubber protects the inner KEVLAR® fibers from the elements and keeps out oil, water, mud, and dust allowing it to be virtually maintenance-free
  • Easy to install with various shaped eyelets available that are sized to fit standard connections. Special thimbles can also be fitted according to customer requirements
  • Individual serial numbers for traceability

The parallel lay configuration of the KEVLAR® fibres, coupled with high strength steel eyes encased in a thick, rubber cover, creates lightweight, rugged and very high break strength strops. From 300mm up to 20 metres long and ranging from 10-400 tonnes break strength Black Snakes are suitable for most recovery situations in mine operations and heavy duty applications. With over 10,000 KEVLAR® Recovery Strops produced, Black Snakes provide a practical and proven alternative to wire rope, chain or fibre rope/round-sling/webbing straps. Ideal for angular lifting.