Lever Hoists YIII

  • Hooks are safe even when accidentally overloaded.
  • Shock-resistant gear cover and brake cover.
  • Locks out dust and rain.
  • Bolted robber grip assures safe operation.
  • An extraordinary braking force with easy release.
  • A special surface-treated, rust-resistant white load chain.
  • Superstrong load chain for heavy-duty use.

The YIII series incorporates an ideal safety mechanism that counters an excessive force applied to the lever’s handle. It prevents damages to the chain and hooks of the hoist body, as well as to wires and clips used in the operation.

The YIII series is provided with a torque control mechanism that prevents parts from being deformed by excessive force applied to the lever handle.

The uniquely shaped, heat-treated alloy steel hooks withhstand tough jobs. The safety latch, the strongest in the industry, ensures safe clamping.

YIII series hoists are designed so that it is impossible to apply any load exceeding the set rated load in any way.