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Manual Chain Block

  • Worlds most advanced manual hoists.
  • Stronger than ever before load chain B39 VHC.
  • Light and compact 11.4 kg (1-ton).
  • Dry friction discs with longer life.
  • unique chain guide.
  • Load sheave with roller bearing.
  • Anchor plate avoiding over-lowering.
  • Rolled edge hand wheel cover.
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Elephant's high-tech load chains are approved by DIN 5684, one of the world's strictest standards. This is the special heat-treated load chain of Grade V (100kgf/mm2) whose tensile strength far surpasses JIS Grade V.

Double pawls supporting fail-safe brake mechanism. Even if one of the two pawls becomes unserviceable by any chance, the other will remain operative, and the brake system remains secure.

The opening of the hooks has been made wider for easier handling and working. And, if by any chance the hook is overloaded, there is no fear of its breaking, and it will simply start straightening out gradually, avoiding any load drop or human injury.

Tough framing. The tough gear case, reinforced with four ribs and four knock pins, provides accurate gear centering and high mechanical efficiency.